What awaits you with "Die Zunftmeister"...
Die Zunftmeister is a classic peaceful building strategy browser game in the browser.
There are no fights and no action elements in the game. With us you will find a relaxed and quiet game with a nice and familiar community.

Is a browser game something for me?
Those who still know classic browser games will love the guild masters. Here it doesn't matter how often you log in. It's not a game that costs you many hours of your time, but can still be played for months.
Are you in a hurry to get ahead in a game? Then the guild masters are less something for you. Do you like it when you log back in one day later and a new building has been completed or the laboriously produced resources can finally be processed?

Then don't wait any longer and register for free with Die-Zunftmeister!

Please note:
Besides the English version of the game, there is also a German version, which has been online for more than 2 years.

The English version has just started and we apologize for the possibly bad translation!
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